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We Envirotech System Pvt. Ltd. A professionally managed organization, (ANISO9001: 2008 certified co. ) is one of the reliable manufacturers of Acoustic products for Auditorium , Theaters , Conference hall , Gymnasium, hall offices, Banquet halls , Design & setup of Recording Studios , Listening rooms , Home theaters etc.

Envirotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Treatment

The term acoustic treatment is elaborated here is to control the quality of sound with in the room. It is not intended to prevent sound propagation between rooms but to reduce the leakage & Sound transmission. Without effective acoustic treatment, it is difficult to hear what you're doing, making you work much harder to create a good mix. In a home theater, poor acoustic or without acoustic treatment can make the sound less clear, harder to localize, and with an uneven frequency response.

There are two basic types of acoustic treatment one is absorber and other is diffuser. Absorbers are also two types. One type controls high & midrange frequency reflections; the other, a bass trap, is mainly for low frequencies. All three types of acoustic treatment are generally required to a room for mixing and effecting listening.

Many studio owners consider the wedge foam, best material for acoustic treatment and install acoustic foam all over their walls, mistakenly believing that is effective and sufficient solution. But thin treatments do nothing to control low frequency reverb or reflections.

We have been operating for last two decades and having expertise in delivering the acoustic treatment in various areas like Banquets Halls, Training Rooms, Recording Studio, Workshops, Factories, Conference Rooms, Executive Cabins, Auditoriums, Disco Theques, Seminar Halls, Multiplexes, , Colleges, Offices, Call Centers, Interior Designing, Home Theaters and many others . We accept all new challenges that come to our business line and develop new products as per customer requirement for acoustic treatment. Here at Envirotech Systems , we have a complete range of all kinds of acoustic products, for acoustic treatment like acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, acoustic wall tiles, wooden acoustic tiles, acoustic perforated tiles, acoustic foams, acoustic baffles, acoustic wedge foams, acoustic foam insulation, acoustic partitions, folding partitions, acoustic movable partitions with the aim to provide you the best acoustic solution regarding soundproofing and acoustic insulation.

With over 800 successful acoustic projects in power generation, oil and gas, gas manufacturing and processing, food and petrochemical industries, engine testing and many others , Envirotech Systems continues to grow.


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